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Merthyr Tydfil

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Pentrebach 1947

Pentrebach_1947.JPG (115781 bytes)

The Triangle, Long Row, The Technical School, Hoover, See the Petrol Station near Hoover Gates.

The old and the new Pentrebach. The old parts being Long Row and the Triangle

 houses built for the workers of the Plymouth Iron Works. Behind the Triangle

is the new factory of Kayser Bondor which employed, at its peak, over

1000 people in the manufacture of Lingerie. On the other side of the

road is the  Hoover factory, established on this site in 1948, becoming

the largest employer in the area, sadly it ended production in 2009. On the

hillside in the distance you can see the chimney of Castle Pit,  one of the

mines that supplied  the Cyfarthfa Iron Works with coal for the furnaces.

In the foreground is the old Pentrebach School  which became a training

centre for secondary school leavers. 

(See Close-up below)



MerthyrTydfil_TheTriangle-LongRowTechnicalSchool_FillingStation_Hoover_21-4-50_.JPG (145331 bytes)


Pentrebach - Aerial View - 1970s.

Showing Hoovers, Kayser Bondor & The Triangle.


Pentrebach Preparatory Factory - March 1936

Showing the Nissen Huts.

(Photographs Courtesy of Carl Llewellyn. From the Merthyr Express)


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Pentrebach Preparatory Huts

Outside Parlo Wax Factory

Lewis Lewis seated second from right (photo courtesy of Val Willis)

Outside Parlo Wax Factory

Pentrebach Technical School.

Pentrebach_TechnicalSchool.JPG (89925 bytes)


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Pentrebach Technical School



The Filling Station near the Hoover Gates.

Pentrebach_HooverRoundabout_FillingStation.JPG (95029 bytes)

Aerial View of the Hoover Factory in the 1950's.

The Hoover Factory,  Pentrebach
Pentrebach_HooverFactory.JPG (115355 bytes)





Kayser Bondor Factory - 1950's


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Kayser Bondor

The Triangle, Pentrebach.

Pentrebach_TheTriangle_2.JPG (298893 bytes)




Long Row - 1973

Pentrebach_LongRow_1973.JPG (311019 bytes)


PentrebachStation_TVR_1958.JPG (143084 bytes)


Pentrebach House

Built for Anthony Hill owner of the Plymouth Ironworks. It later became a home for the elderly and is now that fine hostlery Table Table and Premier Inn.

Pentrebach_PentrebachHouse.JPG (200647 bytes)


Pentrebach House in the Snow - 1960's

Taken from the playing fields.

(Photograph Courtesy of Neville Carpenter)


Barry Thomas sent us this wonderful photograph of his grandmother Martha Addis from Coleford (Standing 1st left), when she was in service at Pentrebach House circa 1894. She married his Grandfather Francis Thomas of Vaynor Road, Merthyr Tydfil in 1897.


The Plymouth Hotel, Pentrebach. 1995.

(Photograph courtesy of the David Thomas Collection)



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Hills Plymouth Cricket Club



Duffryn Houses

Pentrebach_DuffrynHouses2.JPG (121272 bytes)


Duffryn Houses

(From the Merthyr Express July 1st 1966)



Main Street, Pentrebach

Wernlas House

(Photograph Courtesy of Doug Price, Abercanaid)

Pentrtebach_WernLas_DouglasPrice.jpg (102740 bytes)


Poplar Terrace and School

pentrebach_PoplarTerrace&School.jpg (609682 bytes)

Pentrebach Infants School - 1946


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Pentrebach Infants School

Ceredig Street

Taibach Road in the 1920s

The Duffryn Ironworks and Colliery

Pentrebach_duffrynIronworksAndColliery.JPG (127004 bytes)


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Plymouth Ironworks


Pentrebach in the Snow - 1960's

Taken from Rhydfach. The single storey prefabs can be seen bottom left. A Conway's milk float delivers essential supplies on this cold day.

(Photograph Courtesy of Neville Carpenter)


Duffryn - 1950's

(Photograph Courtesy of Julie Williams)



Duffryn Fawr from Bulca


  Click here for Gwyn Williams' Photographs of the mountain side above Duffryn  

Pentrebach Graig Pit - 1961

(Photograph Courtesy of Barry Morris)


St. James Church.

(Photograph courtesy of Barbara Downing)







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St. James Church





Pentrebach - Site of Old B&Q Store - 1978

Note the old Castle Colliery Tips in the background

(Photograph courtesy of Barry Morris)


Pentrebach Boys Club - Date Unknown

(Photographs courtesy of Brian Wall)


Looking across Penterbach towards what remained of the ski slope on the 13th April 1995

(Photograph courtesy of the David Thomas collection)


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