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Thomastown Park

Merthyr Tydfil


'This was the first open space acquired by Merthyr, situated east of the town, and what was then known as Thomastown Tip. This land

is approximately 17 acres in extent and was acquired for the purpose of a Public Park in 1900. It is very skillfully laid out as a Park and Pleasure Grounds, full advantage has been taken in the layout of the natural features, and is now a local beauty spot, attracting many thousands of visitors during the course of the year.


It has extensive flower-beds and borders, shubberies, a playing pitch,

a band-stand and conveniances. Later was added a Bowling Green

and three hard Tennis Courts. There is also a well equipped Children's Playground.


The Park is in easy reach of the town and full use is made of all the amenities provided. Beiing situated on high ground there are fine views of the surrounding countryside.'


(From the book 'County Borough of Merthyr Tydfil 50 Years a Borough 1905 - 1955')


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Thomastown Park, The Band Stand

MerthyrThomastownParkBandstand.JPG (130271 bytes)



Thomastown Park

MerthyrThomastownPark3.JPG (81175 bytes)



Thomastown Park

MerthyrThomastownPark.JPG (98142 bytes)

Thomastown Park

(Photograph Courtesy of the Kenneth J. Gunter Collection)

Thomastown Recreation Ground


The Recreation Grounds, Thomastown Park

RecreationGroundsThomastownPark.JPG (82836 bytes)

Thomastown Bowls Club Presentation - 1964


Thomastown Bowls Club - Glamorgan County Bowls Championship Winners

L-R:- E. Hogan, W. Rogers, Tom Jones, W. J. Williams (Hoover Greens Keeper)

(Photograph courtesy of John Williams)

The Recreation Grounds

RecreationGroundsmerthyrTydfil.JPG (163675 bytes)



Thomastown Park.

The Recreation Grounds

RecreationGround2.JPG (110646 bytes)

Thomastown Park,  the South African War Memorial

MerthyrThomastownParkSouthAfricanWarMemorial.JPG (116064 bytes)

Thomastown,  looking from the South African Monument

MerthyrThomastownLookingFromTheSouthAfricanMonument.JPG (443672 bytes)


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