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Torpantau Station

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Torpantau Station.

TorpantauStation_PICT0650-B2.JPG (224781 bytes)

Torpantau Station. May 1954

Torpantau_Station May1954_.JPG (187128 bytes)

The 11:18 AM from Newport to Brecon, On the 8th April, 1958. Photograph by Mr R.T.Coope,

 given to Mr Middleton, Signalman

TorpantauStation_11-18AM_Newport-Brecon_8-4-58_MrMiddleton_ByRTCoope.JPG (165579 bytes)

Torpantau Station. Circa 1963.

Torpantau_Circa_1963.JPG (191937 bytes)

Torpantau_Station2.JPG (127415 bytes)

Torpantau_Station3.JPG (121816 bytes)



A Freight Train Leaving Torpantau Station.

(Painting Courtesy of Christopher Langdon)



Torpantau_StationSouthEnd_July_1958.JPG (132778 bytes)

Torpantau_TrainExitingTunnel_.JPG (214255 bytes)

TorpantauStation_2-00pmBreconToNewport_N04671_July1959.JPG (194189 bytes)

TorpantauStation_2251Class_LastTrainOfTheDayFromBreconToNewport_1959.JPG (274842 bytes)

TorpantauStation_UpAndDownBreconTrainsPass_1959.JPG (244750 bytes)

Torpantau Station 1960's.

(Photograph courtesy of Barry Morris The Railway Club)

Torpantau_Station_BarryMorris.JPG (136875 bytes)

Approaching Torpantau Tunnel from Brecon - 12th August 1943.

Pentir Rhiw Station

8th September 1962

The next station north from Torpantau. The 3.00pm train Newport approaches.

(Photograph Courtesy of Richard Parry)



The 11.15 Newport-Brecon Passes 12.10 Brecon-Newport at Torpantau Station - 30th June 1960

(Photograph Courtesy of Richard Kite)



Class 37 Diesel emerging from the S.E. end of the Torpantau Tunnel.

(Photograph courtesy of B. Morris)



"For your information the 666-yard tunnel portals were located at railway mileages

 of 14miles-2¾chains (SW or Torpantau station end) and 13miles-52¼chains (SE

or Talybont side) from Brecon Station."

Brian Mills (S&W Wales Permanent Way Institution).


A recent photograph of the S.E. Portal of the tunnel.

(Courtesy of Brian Mills S&W Wales Permanent Way Institution)




Torpantau Tunnel

(Courtesy of Brian Mills S&W Wales Permanent Way Institution)




3706 exits the tunnel as 2206 awaits

(Photograph Courtesy of The John Owen Collection)



The 11.15am Newport-Brecon waits as the 12.10pm Brecon-Newport emerges from Torpantau Tunnel - 3rd November 1962

(Photograph Courtesy of Richard Kite)



12.10 Brecon to Newport - 14th July 1962

(Photograph Courtesy of Richard Kite)