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Merthyr Tydfil


Aerial View of Trefechan - 1957

(Photograph: Terrance Soames, Cardiff)


Trefechan from Cilsanws Mountain - 1991

(Photograph Courtesy of Dale Miles)



Vaynor House

Home of the Howfield Family, the grounds of which are now the Trefechan Estate. Vaynor House was situated approximately, where 'Birch Way' now stands.


A Howfields Workers 'Day Out' at Vaynor House,Trefechan

(Photograph Courtesy of Margaret Lloyd)


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Howfield Family

Trefechan - Bonfire Night - 1962

Morgans the Milk in Trefechan - Late 1960s


The Green - Trefechan - 1991

(Photograph Courtesy of Dale Miles)


Maple Crescent - Trefechan - 1991

(Photograph Courtesy of Dale Miles)


Miles Family of Trefechan - 1959

They resided at Linden Way, Trefechan.

(Photograph Courtesy of Dale Miles)


Royal Wedding Celebrations 1981 in Trefechan

(Photograph Courtesy of Dale Miles)


Looking over the Brecon and Merthyr Railway,

Towards the Gurnos Quarry - Circa 1967

(Photograph courtesy of Robert Morgan)



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