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Merthyr Tydfil

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Treharris  is  Harris’s town, named after Harris who owned the Navigation Colliery here and  the village that grew up after the sinking of the colliery took his name.

Places  Names Of Treharris

TWYNYGARREG -  meaning hillock of stone. This was the original name for the district. The first houses built here were huts for the ‘colliery sinkers’,  they were called  Twynygarreg Cottages, but have always been known locally as the Huts. There were 32  of these houses. The monthly rent was 7s 8d, each hut had a large kitchen and  2 bedrooms. There was a commercial bakery. The 1st school lessons and religious services were held in the huts.

CILHAUL  - Welsh for a sunset or a shady place.

PRITCHARD STREET -  Named after Colonel Pritchard the owner of Llancaiach  Fawr, a grand house which Charles I  was supposed to have visited.

FELL  STREET  -  Named after either Lydia or Margaret Fell both 

PENN  STREET -  Named after William Penn an important Quaker

FOX  STREET  -  Another Quaker name., George Fox..

RAILWAY TERRACE – This backed onto the railway line, which forked at the end, one half going into Deep Navigation Colliery and the other going to Trelewis and beyond on the Taff Vale/Great Western Lines.

PERROTT STREET -  Could be named after Sir John Perrott.

SUSANNAH   PLACE - Probably after the daughter of Margaret and Thomas Fell.

THOMAS  STREET – Possibly  after Judge Thomas Fell, husband of Margaret Fell

PANTANAS ESTATE -  These large area was passed on from Mary Chapman to Lydia Fell  and the burial ground was taken from a piece of the land.

PROSSER  STREET  - Could have been named after Josiah Prosser, a Calvinistic Methodist leader or a Councillor and business man in Treharris, David Prosser.

MARY  STREET  - Mary Fisher was an important missionary               

Important Dates For Treharris

In  September 1872  the  1st level is opened and  by 1879  Deep Navigation fully operating. Between 1873 to 1914  over  110  died in accidents underground; deaths were of  colliers, door boys, hauliers, labourers, repairers  and others. December 13th 1884  4 sinkers were killed in an accident  ( altogether 6 colliery sinkers were killed in the sinking of the Colliery in Treharris ).

1891-92  Treharris Athletic F.C. won the South Wales  and Monmouth Cup.

In May 1893  the Place Cinema was opened  for over a hundred years.

In  1895 The Salvation Army 1st  came to Treharris

1896    St.  Mathias Parish Church is built

1897    control of Harris’ Colliery passed to David Davies’s  Ocean Coal Company

October 1909 was a red letter day in the history of Treharris  with the opening of the Public Free Library. The Mayor, Andrew Wilson who lived within a short distance from the building performed the ceremony. The Library was built on a plot of land in Perrott Street given by the freeholders from the designs prepared by William Dowdeswell, architect, Treharris.

1923 The Treharris Boys’ Club was founded

In the 1930s there were ‘Stay Down Strikes’  and the ‘Red Flag’ was sung in Treharris to welcome back the people imprisoned because of  The Taff Merthyr Riots.

1950-51  Treharris Athletic F.C. were the Welsh amateur cup winners.    

July 1952 The impressive tribe of Treharris Indians won  1st prize at the Open Jazz Band Competition at Cyfartha Park by  only half a point.

In 1961 the Treharris Male Voice Choir was formed. In 1978, after 85 years, the Salvation Army moved from Webster Street Hall to Perrott Street. In 1985 the Treharris Community Centre opened. Deep Navigation once employed over 2,000, but when the colliery closed in 1991 it employed less then 300. In 1994  a £3  million  boost was awarded for greening Treharris and developing the abandoned Deep Navigation Pit into a leisure site.  




Treharris, General View

(Postcard courtesy of The Leo Davies Collection.)

Treharris_GeneralView_2_LeoDaviesCollection.JPG (131851 bytes)


  The Colliery Treharris and General View Trelewis   General View.  



View of Treharris

The Three Viaducts, Taff Valley, Treharris

Treharris from the Giant's Bite

Treharris3.JPG (153194 bytes)

ThreeViaductsTreharris.JPG (186736 bytes)

Treharris.JPG (113802 bytes)


Treharris - 1911

(Photograph Courtesy of the David Thomas Collection)


Treharris - Taken from Goetre Coed Farm

(Photograph Courtesy of Tony Evans)


Treharris from Bryngerwn Avenue

TreharrisfromBryngerwnAvenue.JPG (155160 bytes)


The Two Viaducts - Treharris


Treharris Baths

(Photograph Courtesy of Christine Crosby)

The Oaklands

Treharris_TheOaklands.JPG (133309 bytes)


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Treharris Girls



The Park - 1912

Treharris_ThePark_1912.JPG (136638 bytes)



Park Gates and Pond.

(Postcard courtesy of Mrs Gill Thomas, West Grove.)


The Park

(Postcard courtesy of Mrs Gill Thomas, West Grove.)


  Treharris_ParkGatesAndPond_MrsThomas.JPG (208923 bytes)    

The Bandstand

(Postcards courtesy of Mrs Gillian Thomas West Grove)

  Treharris_TheBandstand_MrsThomas_Repaired.JPG (101451 bytes)    

Cilhaul Treharris

(Photograph Courtesy of Jim Flower)



Treharris_Cilhaul.JPG (136665 bytes)


Taff Merthyr Rioters being welcomed home from Prison - 1936.




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Thomas Street and Railway Station.

ThomasStreet_Treharris.JPG (191188 bytes)


Station Approach in the 1950s


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Treharris Station - Decorated for the Royal Visit 1958

(Postcard Courtesy of The Leo Davies Collection)

Treharris_Station_RoyalVisit_25-7-1958_LeoDaviesCollection.JPG (94295 bytes)


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Treharris Station




Thomas Street during the Royal Visit, 1958.

(Photograph Courtesy of Ann Jones)


Thomas Street

(Postcard Courtesy of The Leo Davies Collection.)

Treharris_ThomasStreet_LeoDaviesCollection.JPG (178610 bytes)

The Police Station, Treharris

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