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Twynyrodyn Junior School

Twynyrodyn, Merthyr Tydfil.

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Twynyrodyn Junior School - August 2003

Photograph Courtesy of Don & Nesta Chamberlain)


Twynyrodyn Girls School - 1914

Jane Burrows (Nee Bell) tells us that her mother, Evelyn Jones, is in the centre of the first row, 5th from left. Evelyn later married Ted Bell and they owned the

butcher shop in Church St Merthyr where we lived until the 1960s.

(Photograph Courtesy of Margaret Lloyd)


Twynyrodyn Boys School, Standard 6, 1920.

Arthur Lewis, back row 3rd from the left.

(Photograph Courtesy of Arthur Lewis' daughter Sheila Pettigrew nee Lewi)


Twynyrodyn Girls School, Standard 3A, 1920

(Photograph courtesy of Steve Brewer)


Twynyrodyn School - Early 1920's

Gertrude Edwards is seated on the right, three desks back on the middle row.

(Photograph Courtesy of Paul Webb)


Twynyrodyn Girls School - 1929

(Photograph courtesy Val Griffiths. Her Mum, Mildred is in the front row, 2nd from the right, she has remembered

all  these names. Not a bad memory for an 82 year old)

Top Row:- L-R: Betty Andrews, Gwyneth Thomas, Betty Sweet, Margaret John, Bronwen Price,
                      Margaret Evans, Lottie Thomas, Ena Powell, Betty Morgan, Ruby Wilson, Peggy Evans.
2nd Row:- L-R: Eluned Evans, Mollie Groves, Eunice Rogers, Betty Bryant, Violet Evans,
                      Margorie Richards, Llewella Griffiths, Gladys Williams, Gwyneth Thomas,
                      Vera Cox, Mary Hughes.
Row 3:-    L-R: Iris Evans, Carrie Caswell, Faith Price, Dorothy Thomas, Betty Howells,
                      Nancy Stephens, Ivy Pope, Beryl Evans, Gwenny Sullivan, Betty Phillips, May
                      Jones.  There is a question mark on May Jones' as mum was not quite sure of
                      her surname.
Row 4:-    L-R: ? Rees, Myfanwy Williams, Jennie Jones, Roma Jones, Joan Brown, Betty
                      Williams, Mona Evans, Mildred Barlow (Val's mother now Mildred Vokes), Mabel Thomas.

  Val's mother also tells us:- "Derek Evans, who has also submitted photos to your site has a sister in this photo, she is in the fourth row namely, Mona Evans.  My mother recalls, Mona Evans and Lottie Thomas (Top Row) walking from  Cwmbargoed to Twynyrodyn School every day, they were never late for class, but in the winter at home-time they would leave slightly earlier than the other children because Cwmbargoed was very dark and lonely".  

Twynyrodyn Infants School Band - 1936

(Photograph Courtesy of Margaret Lloyd)


Twynyrodyn School - 1940's

(Photograph Courtesy of Iestyn - Celtic Pride)


Twynyrodyn Junior School - Circa 1946

(Photograph courtesy of Maureen Williams nee McCarthy)


Twynyrodyn School - Junior Boys - 1945

Back Row L-R :             Mr Williams (Teacher), Ralph Evans, ?,  Peter Jones, Clive Perkins, Ronnie Weekes,

                                     Arthur Normanton, Brian Fursland?, ?, Ken Rees, Howard ?, Mr. Thomas (Teacher)

Middle Row L-R:           David Davies,  Kenny Galeozzie, ?, Brian Bodger, ?, Gordon Meredith, Gilbert Crooke,

                                     John Stephens, John Powell, Clive Thomas.
Front Row L-R :            David Jones, ?, Norman Albert, David Hicks, John Griffiths, Kenny Smith ?, David Roberts,

                                    Ken Smith, Malcolm Cornwell, Ken Tucker, Kenny Rolls, Eurwyn Evans.

(Photograph & Information Courtesy of Clive Thomas)


Twynyrodyn Infants School - 1946.

Back Row L-R:             Headteacher Mr. Williams?, John Thompson, David Knight, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ? , Teacher Mr. Evans.

Middle Row L-R:           ?, ?, John Turner, ?, Brian Pierce, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?,.

Front Row L-R:             ?, ?, ?, Keith Oats, ?, Jeffery Karn, Terry Hooper, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?.

(Photograph & Information Courtesy of Terry Hooper & Jill Muir)


Twynyrodyn School - Circa 1946

Maureen adds "It is the scholarship class which was taught by Miss Kenshole.

(Photograph courtesy of Maureen Williams nee McCarthy )


Twynyrodyn Junior School - 1947

Back row     L-R:  ?, ?, ?, ?, Jil Knight, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?.

Third Row: L-R:  ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, John Powell, ?, ?, Philip Jones (Madoc).

Second Row   L-R: David Davies?, Clive Griffiths, Peter Williams, Colin Mack, Gwynfa Morgan, David Knight and Tommy Roberts.

Bottom Row L-R: ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?,?.

One of Merthyr's famous sons Philip Madoc, is extreme right on the third row.

Names Courtesy of Terry Hooper.

                                                     Jill Muir adds this   "Back row L-R: ?, ?, ?, ?, ME - Jill KNIGHT, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?. [The four
                                                                                     lads were Tutor trainees. The photo was not a school photo that I

                                                                                     remember, but one taken the day of the VE Day party when most

                                                                                     people had gone home.] That was a huge party and day, held in

                                                                                     the grounds of the School. David and I, with our parents Tom and

                                                                                     Fris KNIGHT lived in the School house within Twynyrodyn School.

                                                                                     This was the only house Dad could find to rent when we returned

                                                                                     home to Wales from Bristol. Dad was Assistant-Superintendent of

                                                                                     Royal London, opposite the Station in town".


Derek Evans submitted this school photograph to the Merthyr Express.

Twynyrodyn Junior School around 1948.

He is on the back row, 5th from the left.


Twynyrodyn School - 1948

Jill Muir Adds: "Back row, 1st left with fair curls is my Mumís friendís son Michael Edmunds. Lived in Twyn."

(Photograph Courtesy of Iestyn - Celtic Pride)



Twynyrodyn School - 1949

Back row     L-R:  ?, ?, ?, Mansell Richards, ?, ?, ?, David Robins, ?, Brian Stonehewer, ?, John Hughes.

Middle Row: L-R:  ?, Elsa McNaughton, Anita Rhys, Ann Leaker, ?, Pamela Board, Mair ?, Sheila Lewis, Elizabeth Harding, Annette ?, Ieuan Thomas,

Front Row L-R: ?, Angela Thompson, Sylvia Powell, Ann Wakeham, Pamela ?, Miss Hicks, Mr Williams, Joan ?, ? Griffiths, ?, Joan ?, ?.

(Photograph Courtesy of Sheila Lewis now Pettigrew)

Twynyrodyn School - 1951


Twynyrodyn Junior School - 1951/52 - Standard 4

(Photograph Courtesy of Arthur Williams)


Twynyrodyn Junior School - 1951-52

Joan Newman (nee Hyde) 4th from the left front row.

(Photograph Courtesy of Joan Newman)


Twynyrodyn School - July 1952

Back Row L-R :    Teacher Miss Gwynne, ?, Kent Edwards, ?, ?, Anthony Phillips, ?, ?, Jeffrey Kinsey, ?, ?, Clive Meek.

Front Row L-R :    June Galeozzie, ?, ?, Maureen Rivers, Valerie ?, Betty Carol, Ann Meek, Babara Beecher, Ruth Jones, Lilian ?,  Pamela Fisher, Carol Jones

                             Elaine Morgan, Pamela Jones. 

(Photograph courtesy of Carol Jones (now Watts)



Twynyrodyn Junior School 1950s

Back Row L-R : Meryl Hill, Glenise Griffiths, Ann Jones, Margaret Fealey, Gaynor Davies, Joan Davies, Jacelyn Talbot, Eileen Richardson, Pamela Fair, Alison Rees, Rennie Kays, Mr Williams.

Middle Row L-R :  Miss Hales, Annette Gwyn, Pamela Morris, Lynnette Jones, Hillary Jones, Christine ?, Mavis Overberry, Ann Maurice, Enid Williams, Brenda Hamer, Thelma ?

Back Row L-R :  Janet Lloyd, Marion ?, Rhoslyn Gray, Janice Jones, Margaret ?, Ann Protheroe, Gloria Lewis, Glenda Phillips, Judith Roberts, Molly Davies, Megan Lewis.

(Photograph courtesy of Gaynor Jones)


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