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St. Mary's Roman Catholic School

Court Street, Twynyrodyn.

St. Mary's R.C. School / Court Street School - Standard 1 - 1914


St. Mary's R.C. School -1934

Back row, fifth boy from the left (not counting teacher), standing in front of a man, wearing a jumper is Terry McLoughlin.

(Photograph Courtesy of Rita Williams)


Football Team 1947- 48.

Top row L-R:         Rowland Jones, Dennis Lyons, John Moyle, Peter Hodges,

                           Peter Okeefe, Mostyn McCarthy, Howard Davies.

Middle row L-R:    Colin Keefe, Ken Warren, Dick Phillips, Dennis Maguire,

                           Brian Connoly.

Front row L-R:       Fred Sullivan, Ken Whelan, Bill Hughes, Chris Donaghue.

(Photograph contributed by Bill Hughes)



St. Mary's R.C. School - 1958/59

Back Row L-R:       Headteacher Mr Lawrence Cotter, Peter Pippin, Alan Thomas (Allie), Anthony Flye, Peter Kebber, Stephen Long,

                               Allan Fitsgerald, Kevin O'Sullivan, John Crimmings.
Middle Row L-R:    Tommy Ellis, Anthony Jones, David Davies, Graham Adler, Michael Hayes, Francis Harrington, Michael Thomas, David Thomas,

                              Anthony Broom, Mr Victor Jones Teacher.
Front Row L-R:      Gus Cronan, Christopher O'Neill, Malcolm Proffit, Michael Gibbs, Michael Kelly, Anthony Polowisky, Graham Jones, Bernard Cooper,

                             John Mcarthy (Nipper)
(Photograph Courtesy of Anthony Jones)



St. Mary's R.C. School - 1960/61

Back Row L-R:          Peter Davies -?, Stephen Batchelor, Peter Thomas, David Morgan, Antony Williams, Patrick Keating,

                                 Bead Wills, Headteacher.
Middle Row L-R:       Teacher ?, Anthony Jones, Luigie Fulgonie, Alan Owens, David Davies, Anthony Flye
Front Row L-R:         Peter Pippin, Peter Morgan, Ronald Hicks, Raymond Lewis, Bernard Donnaugh, John Moyle, Peter Mahoney

(Photograph Courtesy of Anthony Jones)



1959 - Mix of Senior and Junior Boys.

Back Row. L-R:- ? , .? , Michael Fuller, Bernard Casey, Christopher Knutson, Michael O’Keefe , Kerry McCarthy, Gerald

                         Humphreys, Bede Wills (Headmaster).

 Second Row. L-R:- David Luke, ? , Dennis O’Neil, John Sullivan, Michael Hooper,  Royston Lewis, John Horton.

 Front Row. L-R:-  Barrie Jones, James McAler, Michael Long, ? , ? , Michael Hall, ? , Anthony Long.

(Photograph Courtesy of Barrie Jones)


St. Mary's R.C. School - 9 & 10 Year Old Boys - 1956

Back Row L-R:         Anthony Hurley, Danny ? , Peter Jones, Peter Humphreys, Michael O Keefe, Paul ? , Bernard Casey & Mr Joe Mahoney (Teacher).
Second Row L-R:    Bernard Jones, Terry Mackey, Lyndon Casbeard, Gerald De Lacey, ? , Michael Crimmings & Colin Casey.
Seated L-R:             Bernard McCarthy, Gerald Coughlin, Lawrence Cotter, John Howe, Terry Sullivan, ? & ?.

(Photograph Courtesy of Peter Jones)

St. Mary's R.C. Junior School - 1978c.

L-R:                       Howell Casey; Jason O'neil; Mark Moran; Paul Griffiths; Philip Herbert; Michael O'Brian; Philip Callahan;

                             Patrick McCormick in the background Michelle Reed; Cathy McCormick; Katherine Jones.

(Photograph Courtesy of Mark Moran)



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