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Merthyr Tydfil

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Aberfan Disaster - 1966


Aberfan 1907, showing the Police Station and Station Hill to the right.

Aberfan_1907.JPG (79946 bytes)


The Grove.

(Photographs Courtesy of Mrs Gillian Thomas, West Grove, Merthyr Tydfil & the Kenneth J. Gunter Collection)

Aberfan_TheGrove_MrsThomas.JPG (212957 bytes)


The Grove, late 50s early 60s.

(Postcard courtesy of Carl Llewellyn)

The Grove, during flooding in 1968.

J & J Motors' Land Rover breakdown truck drives through the flood under the Black Bridge 1968.

Aberfan in the early 1900's.


Aberfan_Bridge_1966_4.JPG (167035 bytes)

Pantglas Farm House



Aberfan 1915

Aberfan_1915.JPG (143775 bytes)

The Mackintosh Hotel in the 1960s.

Pantglas School.


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Moy Road Carnival - 1946-47.

(Photographs Courtesy of Joyce Lewis)

Barry outing 1928.  (Alan's father Alby George was the driver, and is standing on the right), 

The coach was owned and operated by "Beedles and Stephens", and is parked outside 

their garage, in Pantglas Road (Thanks Elizabeth).

  Aberfan BarryOuting1928_.JPG (122017 bytes)    

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Beedle & Stephens'




Cottrell Street

As a young lad Alan's  father (Alby George), worked at Stone's The Butchers in Aberfan.  

Pictured here with Mr Stone.

StoneButcher.JPG (397783 bytes)

William Hurd (Seed Merchant) - Cottrell Street, Aberfan

(Photograph courtesy of David Chillcott, William Hurd's Grandson)



Aberfan 1916

Aberfan_1916.JPG (117466 bytes)



Mayfair Dairy, Delivering Milk in Aberfan - 1930's


John Thomas on the left, and his son, Cyril Thomas on the right

(Photographs courtesy of John Thomas, Cyril Thomas' grandson)


Cyril Thomas on the left, and his Dad John Thomas on the right

(Photographs courtesy of John Thomas, Cyril Thomas' grandson)




Aberfan Road

AberfanRoad_2.JPG (86484 bytes)


Thomas & Son, Aberfan Road - 1940

(Photograph courtesy of John Thomas)




Aberfan Road

(Photograph Courtesy of Carl Llewellyn)


Aberfan Road - 1910c

(Photograph Courtesy of the Kenneth J. Gunter Collection)


Aberfan Road - 1929c

(Photograph Courtesy of the Kenneth J. Gunter Collection)


Aberfan Road - 1907c

(Photograph Courtesy of the Kenneth J. Gunter Collection)


Aberfan Road in the 1970's.

(Postcard E-Mailed by Wayne Morris)

Aberfan_ABERFANROAD_WayneMorris.JPG (133535 bytes)


Lloyd's Bakers & Confectioners.

(Photograph courtesy of Carl Llewellyn)

The Aberfan Hotel, in the 1960s.      

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Aberfan Hotel

Aberfan Road, No.3, A.J.Rees, 'Hong Kong Stores'.

Vining’s Shop Aberfan c.1914.

Aberfan Road - 1929

AberfanRoad_1929.JPG (109141 bytes)

Aberfan Road 

AberfanRoad_3.JPG (152362 bytes)

Aberfan - 1948

Aberfan_1948.JPG (125207 bytes)

Aberfan Calvinistic Methodist Chapel - 1994.

Aberfan Calvinistic Methodist Chapel Sunday School Outing - Circa 1955

Sunday School organised by John Haydn Philips.

(Photograph Courtesy of Alun Thomas)


Coronation Place - Aberfan Calvinistic Methodist Chapel Hall.

At one time the hall was used by O.P. Chocolates as a storeroom.

Aberfan Road and Smyrna Chapel, in the 1970s.

Smyrna Chapel - Aberfan






Queen Elizabeth II opened Aberfan Community Centre 9th March 1973.

(Photograph courtesy of Gwyneth Gwynne)

Aberfan Carnival in the 1940s.


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